Transition Initiatives

Transition Bay St Margarets, located in Nova Scotia, Canada, is a non-profit organization established in 2011 dedicated to following the Transition Town model started in England in 2005 which now includes over a thousand Transition Towns in dozens of countries worldwide (visit:

Transition Initiatives promote ways to build resilience in a community in order to address the many possible global changes in energy supply, unstable economies and environmental depletion in the years ahead. This process aims to create stronger, happier communities through actively building resilience at the community level to these significant global risks.

Transition Bay St Margarets is all about doing projects for resilience, such as local gardening, co-op greenhouses, other food production and distribution, skills training, transportation, energy options and local currencies.

Robert Cervelli is co-founder and currently Chair of Transition Bay.

Transition Garden is a garden website and video series that empower people to grow delicious food, take control over their health and well-being, and thrive together in their communities.  The series describes the benefits and the reasons why gardens and community are important in today’s world.

  • Learn the essential skills of gardening.
  • Learn many things that you can do yourself.
  • Learn money saving tips on growing food and reducing your food bill.

Robert is the main host, content writer and researcher for the Transition Garden series.